Rubber Expansion Bellow Manufacturer In Ahmedabad

Rubber Expansion Bellow Manufacturer in Ahmedabad

Expansion joints are often included in industrial piping systems to accommodate movement due to thermal and mechanical changes in the system. Expansion joints with metal flanges are designed to accommodate certain movements while minimizing the transfer of forces to sensitive components in the system. We at Vishwaraj Rubber Industries design and manufacture different types of Rubber Expansion Joints - Bellows, combining different layers of fabrics in a particular way, guarantees the desired flexibility, as well as a long resistance to aging.


• Manufactured sizes up to 3000 mm.
• 2 Test pressure up to 35 kg cm
• Manufactured in single or multiple arches.
• Greater movement per arch.
• Galvanised carbon steel or stainless steel retainer ring.


• Absorption of vibrations in pipes, caused by changes to temperature,etc. Also in pumps, deposits, machines, engines, etc.
• Noise reduction in circuits of fluids
• Absorption of all types of movements, such as axial compression, axial elongation, lateral and angular deviations, etc.
• Provide a tight seal against pipe flanges.
• Connection of pipes which are not properly lined up
• Water-hammer reduction