Air Spring Manufacturer In Ahmedabad

Air Spring Manufacturer in Ahmedabad

Air bellows are the ideal choice for applications requiring short stroke, high thrust single acting actuators.

Manufactured from fabric reinforced synthetic rubber in one, two or three convolutions according to stroke and model. They incorporate no reciprocating metal parts and so pro vide virtually frictionless thrust compared with conventional pneumatic cylinders.

All models are single acting only. The return stroke is provided in part by the natural spring action of the bellows but more usually by the load itself. The simplicity of construction provides an extremely long, virtually maintenance-free service life even under arduous conditions.

Air bellows are suitable for vibration applications i.e. device feeders at high frequency.

Operation of airspring

Due to their flexible construction the mounting of Air Bellows is less critical than with conventional pneumatic cylinders, which normally require rigid fixing and guidance and provide only one axis within a limit of 15° between faces. Additionally the axial location of the end plates may be off set by up to 10 mm.

When pressurised Air Bellows will follow the line of leased resistance. Accordingly care must be taken with the moun ting geometry in angled applications.

When depressurised Air Bellows will fit in to surprisingly small spaces, especially useful for clamping or moving awkwardly shaped or very heavy loads.

In operation it is recommended that the unit is not allowed to "bottom out" or achieve its maximum height. Various mechanical devices may be employed to achieve this.