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Rubber Spring / Isolators

Vishwaraj Make springs are used as vibration isolators. However, they do not require air inflation. While not as efficient as air springs, Vishwaraj Make springs are an effective passive isolator with superior characteristics to steel springs.

Rubber springs have long time been a subject of interest in the vehicular suspension and industrial application fields because of their reliability, corrosion resistance, low cost, and basic simplicity. The concept has been tried with varying degrees of success over the years.

anti vibration product rubber spring isolators

The major obstacle to solid rubber mount springs has been that to obtain the load requirements for many applications, solid rubber mount springs were either physically too large, or became unstable laterally when they were made long enough to provide good isolation.


  • 1. Constant Vibration Isolation with Changing Loads
  • 2. High Load Carrying Capacity
  • 3. Excellent Vibration Isolation
  • 4. Lateral Vibration Isolation
  • 5. Compact Overall Size
  • 6. Corrosion Resistant for a Durable, Long Life
  • 7. Eliminates Downtime and Potential Damage to Machinery
  • 8. Low Cost
  • 9. Maintenance Free
  • 10. Noise Reduction