FabRub Spring Manufacturer In Ahmedabad

FabRub Spring Manufacturer in Ahmedabad

Kronic FabRub Spring fabric and rubber spring provides a new and unique way to make use of the many advantages of rubber as an industrial application fields because of their reliability, corrosion resistance, low cost, and basic simplicity.

When a coil spring fails, it will often crack allowing fragments of the coil to damage equipment. This problem is eliminated with the rubber construction of FabRub Spring. Additionally, FabRub Spring exhibit exceptionally high overload characteristics and usually do not fail catastrophically, offering some support even during failure. FabRub Spring have no moving parts.

No maintenance or lubrication is required and reduce structurally transmitted noise caused by vibration. The excellent performance has been proven in the damp and corrosive environments of mines and mills where a standard coil spring will fail. Due to the rubber construction, these springs do not bottom-out like coil springs under overload

Construction :-

Unique construction elements are the key to the Kronic FabRub Spring spring’s design flexibility. The basic construction includes a solid rubber core with a hollow center, and several plies of fabric reinforced rubber as an outer cover. These elements may be modified to meet specific load and performance requirements.

Advantages :-

1. Constant Vibration Isolation with Changing Loads.
2. Does Not Bottom-Out.
3. Eliminates Downtime and Potential Damage to Machinery.
4. High Load Carrying Capacity.
5. Excellent Vibration Isolation.
6. Lateral Vibration Isolation.
7. Compact Overall Size.
8. Corrosion Resistant, Durable & Long Life.
9. Increased Stability at Higher Percentages of Compression.
10. Effective Noise Reduction.
11. Low Cost.
12. Maintenance Free.