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100% Indian Manufactured Product keeping in mind the road conditions in India with an Indian Patent.

- Our BUFFER is the only product which is indigenously made in India as compared to the other cheap imported ones from China.

Using of such buffers will certainly cause damage and reduce the life of Coil Spring, Strut Element / Shock Absorber, Suspension Parts, tire life and an increase in fuel consumption.

- The Indian made Kronic Spring Buffer is made of the highest grade of High Density Rubber Material which can withstand up to 20 Tonnes of Weight which has already been tested and proved.

-Kronic Spring Buffer makes it a pleasure to drive, whatever the condition of the road may be.

- Kronic Spring Buffer also increases the Ground Clearance by up to 1.8 inches which helps in avoiding Underbody Scrapes on uneven Roads and
Faulty Speed Breakers resulting in almost zero Underbody damages.

- Kronic Spring Buffer provides great safety in maneuvering sharp turns, improvised breaking and a high level of Road Grip and Stability.

- Kronic Spring Buffer minimizes the visits to a Wheel Alignment Center resulting in additional Savings.