Bolt-On Wedge Mount

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Bolt- On Wedge Mounts

Kronic™ Bolt-On wedge style mount is more suitable for installation on machines subject to large horizontal or vertical forces. This series is used where mounts can be bolted on and firm mounting with the machine is required. This mount provides a secure and reliable bolt connection between the mount and the machine. Preferably on machines with a high axial thrust such as die-casting machines, injection moulding machines, shock testing machines, and cold extrusion presses etc.


Plastic Extrusion Machines, Pressure Die Casting Machines, Planers, Boring Machine, Shock Testing Machines,and Cold Extrusion Presses and other Industrial Machines.
Bolt- On Wedge Mounts
TYPE LOAD Kgs L mm W mm H mm E mm D mm RANGE OF ADJU. mm
PMB-1 1400 125 125 57 24 50 8
PMB-2 2250 150 150 67 23 60 10
PMB-3 4800 200 200 67 27 75 12